• Molly's Fish and Chips

Fish & Chip Special

The price of the cod we buy wholesale has nearly doubled in the last 12 months, and whilst the price we charge our customers has not increased to the same degree, we do appreciate that it has gone up. It was that or reduce the quality, and we didn't want to do that.

So we've been looking at other ways to provide our loyal customers with an alternative and better value fish and chip meal, and after some research and experimentation, we have the perfect answer - Alaskan Pollock.

Pollock is often used as an alternative to cod, and is used extensively in fish fingers. We have sourced MSC certified pollock and remain the only fish and chip shop in Surrey and Hampshire selling only MSC Certified fish.

So why not come in and try our large skinless, boneless Alaskan Pollock for just £4.50 a piece, or with a regular portion of chips as our Fish & Chip Special for only £5.50 until the end of November.